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The proper selection of materials, implementation of design specifications and appropriate construction practices play a vital role in the success of any project. MEI's knowledgeable professionals provide a range of onsite; testing, inspection and consultation services during the construction phase of the project. We work with local agencies, contractors and the design team to ensure government compliance, to minimize material replacements, reduce the likelihood of deterioration, avoid potential failures, and investigate and evaluate variable conditions and existing problems as they occur. Our construction services

Earthwork observation, quality assurance and compaction testing.
Installation of Earthwork Stabilization Measures: tiebacks, soils nails, geogride, and stabilization geotextiles.
Excavation inspection; basement excavations, swimming pool excavation, keyway sub- excavation, and soft soil and undocumented fill removal.
Foundation excavation and construction; pier drilling, pile driving, and excavation of mat slab, spread footing, and grid foundations.
Drainage installation, including; keyway, swale, bench, retaining wall and basement slab subdrains.