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Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is the application of the science of geology to the understanding of geologic phenomena and their impact on works of construction. Most site development or construction is influenced by the local geology and often by geologic hazards or constraints. Our engineering geologists work closely with our geotechnical group to evaluate site specific geologic conditions and hazards. The identification and assessment of geologic hazards is crucial to successful site development and reduces the risk of property damage caused by ground instability. Each of our geologic studies is tailored to our clients' specific needs and is coordinated with local government agencies. Our engineering geology services have included:

Stereo Aerial Photograph Review and Analysis
Engineering Geology Reconnaissance and Mapping
Subsurface Investigations, including:
  - Fault Trench
- Exploration Pits
- Large Diameter Borings
General Geologic Hazards Assessments
Detailed Geologic Hazards Assessments, including:
  - Landslide and Slope Stability Evaluations
- Fault Location Investigations
Liquefaction Hazard Analyses